Worst massage you'll ever have

Hi there East Kildonan, and area, residents. Mother of one here, coming off a long hiatus from massage services. I am terrible at what I do, but I’d love you to support me so I may pay my mortgage (death contract with my home) . I am not your ‘typical’ therapist, so I have been told. I will be me, and I’d like you to be you, and trust me on your physical, and emotional healing journey via massage therapy. You do most of the work for you after all. I simply assist…. I have lost a few pounds since that picture, however, some strength is still there . I did spend my last year tossing trees around on a acreage. Work place receipts, unfortunately are not available here. The massage association has changed the rules as of January 1,2019. even though Manitoba is not going to be regulated until 2021, they want 2200 hours of initial training. I have 1000, plus over 5 years of being full time in this industry. So if you have no work place benefits, you are welcome to book and see if you want me to be your long term muscle worker. If you do have coverage, I too welcome you to book with me for when you run out of coverage, or for ‘back up’. While I build up my client base and lay my mortgage, I shall also be able to journey forward to updating my hours. I would like to build up mainly with lady clientele, for safety reasons. And welcome spouses to book via your referral. There is only legitimate muscle work service being offered here. No other ‘extra’ services… other than Thai foot massage, when I get the proper zen chair fore to offer this service to you. I am able to schedule in from January 24, and forward. Monday- Sunday (Saturday unavailable atm) Rates; 60 minutes $60 30 minutes $40 90 minutes $95

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