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WARM HANDS REIKI – Reiki, AromaTouch and Sound Healing

WARM HANDS REIKI — — Vibrational energy (essential oils, sound and Reiki) to relax the body and calm the mind.
Visit my website at https://www.warmhandsreiki.com
Please note: Reiki is not a massage and I am not a massage therapist. Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment.
As a certified Reiki Master, I offer vibrational energy healing in my home-based treatment room. Animal Reiki treatments take place in the animal’s home or wherever they feel most comfortable.
REIKI is a meditative form of energy healing, channeling restorative energy to help you reduce anxiety, find comfort, and maintain overall wellness. Reiki helps bring peace and relaxation to those dealing with stress or depression, experiencing pain or recovering from surgery. Reiki enhances relaxation and provides a sense of emotional calm and contentment.
ANIMAL REIKI supports physical and emotional healing by reducing the animal’s confusion, fear and pain. This gentle, meditative connection with your animal enhances relaxation and contentment. Reiki is a safe complement to other forms of healing and can reduce the side effects of medication. Animal Reiki treatments are not dependent upon physical contact for success, and are ideal for use with animals who are fearful, skittish or aggressive.
AROMATOUCH is a light application of 8 essential oils along energy meridians of the back and feet. The essential oils help reduce physical tension and emotional stress, bring pain relief, and provide a feeling of peace and emotional balance. A hand or foot massage (with essential oils) is also available to increase circulation and help with stiffness and pain.
SOUND HEALING – Each sound healing session is unique, designed for the client’s specific needs. Weighted tuning forks are applied to the body to ease tension and relieve pain. Unweighted tuning forks are held near the body in the biofield (the auric field around the body) to reduce emotional imbalance and clear energy centers (chakras). The sound frequencies help to release physical and emotional pain, relax tension, and bring balance.
Sound treatments can be combined with AromaTouch or Reiki to enhance your healing session.

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