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the story #holistic #female #male #therapist #body #scrub #hair #wash The hamam hot air bathing ritual was one of the most important pillars of the social life of the Ottoman Empire.

Far more than a simple place of bathing, the Hamam was a sanctuary where men and women gathered to be renewed.

On a day to day basis pilgrimages to the hamam would take place. The Turkish hamam is home of the tradition of physical and spiritual purification. As the body and skin are cleaned and purified from toxins, blood circulation increases and the immune system is stimulated supporting one, both physically and mentally.

The Hamam at Ten Spa reawakens this lost cleansing and rejuvenating ritual.

Ten’s Hamam rituals are performed by expert therapists trained in the secrets of Hamam.

what to expect Upon arrival you will be guided into our luxurious change rooms where you will change into spa sandals, a pestemal wrap and a plush Turkish robe. You are encouraged to take a warm shower prior to your treatment.

The Hamam attendant will bring mint tea to the Hamam lounge where you will begin to warm up in preparation for your ritual. You will also be served house made Turkish Delight as a way of preparing and sustaining you during your time in the Hamam. As your treatment draws to a close you will be escorted to our quiet lounge to rest.

Aryan, a salty yogurt beverage will be provided to help your body rehydrate.

Hamam Fully Loaded About 2 hours | $215 CAD

Moroccan Mint tea and Turkish delight are served in a dry warm room to prepare you for your journey. A self-administered salt rub and traditional rinse is followed by a head, scalp and foot massage on a heated marble slab.

Followed by the full body gommage and olive oil wash and hair shampoo.

An extended gommage and olive oil wash and traditional stretching… the treatment of the Sultans!

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