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Self Care Shouldn't Cost A Fortune Massage You deserve this $49

Getting a massage is relaxing. The feeling of the tension in your muscles being worked out by a professional’s hands, the eucalyptus-scented oils, even the soothing music that’s inevitably playing over the speakers during the treatment. The whole ritual of getting a massage feels special, and nothing beats the feeling of utter relaxation during and after a treatment
When you consider that most treatments at a nice spa cost upward of a hundred dollars it’s no wonder that the price tag makes it prohibitive for most people, myself included, to get them on a regular basis.

Great news!
Come in for a 1 hour Massage
fully customized
you choose background music, heat or no heat on massage table,
scent , no scent.
Insurance Receipts
Double vaccinated female therapist
quiet space in private home
call or text Amber today
204 – 813 – 0625
I look forward to meeting you and helping you relax during these trying stressful times…

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