sandy's massage: destroy your muscle pain!

Back pain, shoulder pain, or any kind of muscle pain can effort your day to day life. My massage theraphy does not create pain, it destroys it!

With over 15 years of Chinese massage and relaxation experience, I strive to help you to kills the muscle pain so you can focus on your day to day life. My studio is located within a 10 minute drive from the forks market downtown. private home guaranteed to help ypou relax as it is very quiet here. w


Body massage – $68/session (50 mins) Reflexology (Food massage) – $52 / session (50 mins)

Please call 204-557-2732 to make an appointment. you can text but prefer if you can call I am available 1 pm to 11 pm Mon to Sat & 2pm to 10pm Sun.

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