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RMT Private Massage Relax No Appointment Needed

After a long day of our boss screaming at us or if you are the boss with even more on your shoulders , we need some way to alleviate the stress. For us, there’s no better way to work out the kinks than a therapeutic massage.

Going to a discount massage parlour does, however, have its disadvantages. The windows might be blacked out, masseuses may be less than enthused to rub your aching muscles, and hey, did they wash that blanket?

So I am thrilled to bring you into my PRIVATE Massage that offers all of the relaxation with none of the downside ramifications.

Take a deep whiff of lavender oil and enjoy an aromatherapy massage or choose your favorite scent

Dim the lights, put on some Enya, and warm up the massage oil for a tour of homes that offer the ultimate in relaxation.

Introductory Offer for first time guests
Receive a full hour Massage $49
RMT 12 years background in
Trigger Point Therapy
Deep Tissue
Swedish Relaxation
Pre – Natal
Open Mon – Sunday
11 am – 11 pm
call/ text Heather
204 – 817 – 3040

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