Reiki (Energy Work, Healing.)

Reiki (Energy Work, Healing.)

I am offering Reiki Sessions at $60hr. I often liken Reiki to being a Soul Massage. Much like a regular massage will smooth out the kinks In your muscles, Reiki smooths out all the kinks in our soul and rebalances our body’s energy. It helps to clear out blocked energy pathways, promoting equilibrium in the body and a sense of deep grounding, and will help you feel a deeper connection to your self. Frequently asked questions are:

What is Reiki? – Reiki is a healing modality that focuses on energy and clearing blockages within your energy centres and chakras. I would act as a conduit by places my hands on different areas of the body to draw energy where it’s intuitively felt is needed.

What can I expect during a session? – All Practioner s have different ways of doing things, so I’ll just tell you how I go about my business. I always start with a short consultation to answer any questions you may have and get to feel out areas I should focus more intensely on during our session. I often find that my clients “chakras become very vocal to me immediately during a consult and from there I know how the session will go. After a consultation I will have you lay on a massage table (clothes on), and I will invoke with the universe and your guides that I act as a clear channel of energy for you and can tap into your higher self. I will then begin the session. During a session many people experience deep relaxation, some may take a nap lol, and often times you may experience visualizations of different colours and images, or even go into a dream state… it’s a totally different experience for each indivual, and one you don’t want to pass up. Reiki has truly transformed my life.

Tell me more about how you were introduced to Reiki? – A couple years back I wouldn’t have believed or would’ve been skeptical about anything you might classify as esoteric, spiritual or alternative. I liked to keep my feet grounded into what felt comfortable for me. Then, as I like to look at it now my ground had suddenly disappeared from beneath my feet. My life as I knew it had fallen apart in just one day. I had let myself spend the next couple years after that living in low vibrancy (I’ll explain the meaning of this another time). It wasn’t until I made the decision to pack up and move my life across country, which would lead me to discover that through the healing power of universal energy I would feel the ground beneath me start to piece itself back together. Difficult times can often provide a turning point in someone’s life. I ask myself, would I have found my way towards all this without enduring struggle and in desperate need of healing? I doubt it. Just like I believe you wouldn’t have come to this page if you aren’t seeking some form of healing or have a spark of curiosity as to how this can all help you or maybe someone around you. Times of change are times of development.

Within the span of a year I was awoken to SO MUCH information provided to me that would set me on my path towards my truest self. I have learned to tap into innate gifts that through life’s traumas I had blocked from coming to surface. With much patience and a lot of internal battles I have been mentored on how to now stronger realize the potential of these gifts to aid others, and have been certified in the practice of Reiki working as an Intuitive Energy Healer.

It is my passion to help others enhance their souls, and get to experience this amazing journey I have been on. I am no longer a skeptic because I strongly feel that when we reach the boundaries of scientific knowledge, we can go beyond all that.

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