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PRIVATAE Massage With Samantha Open Late Late tonight

You deserve one of our exceptional massages. Sometimes we don’t take the time to relax and we all need this. Who knows – you may even have a snooze! Relaxation Massage . . . $55 / Hour Imagine a heated massage bed, soothing music, a pleasant scent in the air and being able to relax while receiving a one hour full body massage. There’s nothing quite like it! Remember you can add this on to one of your other treatments!

Relaxation with aroma therapy includes a heated table or heated hot stones. . . $55 / Hour Ahhhhhh… Take away stress, calm the mind and relax the muscles. A unique experience incorporates warm volcanic stones which are placed on energy points and massaged over your body.

RMT INSURANCE RECEIPTS Open daily and weekends
Many people cannot sleep or suffer from chronic pain, anxiety and stress so I am here to help.

call or text Samantha today 204 – 818 -2779

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