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Pri Vate Massage With Samantha OPEN until 2 am

You deserve one of our exceptional massages.
Sometimes we don’t take the time to relax and we all need this.
Who knows – you may even have a snooze!
Relaxation Massage . . . $58 / Hour
Imagine a heated massage bed, soothing music, a pleasant scent in the air and being able to relax while receiving a one hour full body massage. There’s nothing quite like it! Remember you can add this on to one of your other treatments!

Relaxation with aroma therapy includes a heated table or heated hot stones. . . $78 / Hour
Ahhhhhh… Take away stress, calm the mind and relax the muscles.
A unique experience incorporates warm volcanic stones which are placed on energy points and massaged over your body.

60 Minutes Relaxation $58 Special
90 Minutes Relaxation $98 Special
60 Minutes Relaxation + Aromatherapy $78 Special
60 Minutes Hot Stone $65
60 Minutes Reflexology $60 30 Minutes $40
Open daily and weekends
Many people cannot sleep or suffer from chronic pain, anxiety and stress so I am here to help.

call or text Samantha today
204 – 818 -2779

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