PhD’ Acupuncture lowest price best service covered by insurance

Acupuncture massage for pain insomnia infertility anxiety depression covered by Insurance 1. Acupuncture is provided by Dr. Xu (CMD and PhD): traditional, laser and needless acupunctures, starting practice since 2000 in Winnipeg $50/h, senior and low income $40/h, covered by insurances, lowest price and 5 star services 2. Massage (clothes on partially): Hot stone massage, meridian massage, cupping $40/h 3.The combination of massage and acupuncture are also available ($60/visit). 4.Time: Monday to (no Thursday) Friday and Sunday by Appointment only. 5. Payment: cash payment with receipts 6.Appointment: 2048078838 text pref. 7.Address: C-51 St. Anne’ s Road, 8. Homepage:

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