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Peaceful Massage Escape

Massages Are Available!
We consider Massage Therapy to be essential to everyone’s physical and mental well – being , especially during this trying time
Right now receive a 1 hour relaxation Massage $49
Achieve a deep state of relaxation ; this Massage will help you leave your troubles behind and feel your tension melt away
This Massage encourages sleep, eliminates muscle stiffness and tension, reduces stress and anxiety, creates an overall sense of well – being
Placing relaxation first,
This Massage is a excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety
Whether you are seeking to maintain your physical or mental health, or simply enjoy a moment of healing the goal of this experience is simple to help you feel well both physically and emotionally
Let yourself go completely
Stretch and close your eyes
Confident gentle and professional your massage therapist works to untangle knots and relax your muscles one by one until your whole body is in a deep state of total relaxation
The Massage experience is one of relaxation and I want you to enjoy it to its fullest
Private home
female R M Ti can give receipt for your insurance

12 years experience
Open daily
Call our text Heather
24 hours daily Monday to Sunday
Call or text
204 – 817 – 3040

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