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pampering massageTherapy 1 hr $50 Open 24 7

Massage therapy can be used to promote relaxation and relieve stress or anxiety. It can also be used to help treat some physical conditions, especially various types of pain. Athletes often use massage as part of their physical therapy to recover from sports injuries. Massage therapy can also help prevent sports injuries in the first place by helping improve a patient’s flexibility or range of motion.

Types of Massage

I specialize in
trigger point massage
Sports massage
deep tissue massage
relaxation massage
pre natal and reflexology.
With 10 years working as a RMT i am very knowledgeable
tailored to suit the client’s needs. For example, the therapist may use stretching techniques to make muscles less stiff or to increase the flexibility of the patient’s joints. The therapist may also use heat or cold treatments for different purposes.
Insurance Receipts

Open Monday to Sunday
Open 214 Hours
convenient location just 8 minute drive from downtown
call or text Diana today
204 – 400 – 1629

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