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Paige's Private Relaxation Massage Now Open Late Starts $40

While a massage is not something you need, it is nice when you’re feeling stressed out. And, have you ever been more stressed out? Right now Massage is open as it is considered to be a Essential service.
While it helps with pain stress, it also helps with sleep and boosts the Immune system.
it’s important to wear your mask throughout the massage and to ensure that whomever is doing your massage is wearing a mask also. Even if you’re facing down, your mask relatively controls your respiratory droplets, keeping the area and the person you’re with safe.

Not all spas are equal, which is why you should be careful and do your research ahead of time. Although bigger spas might be more fancy, they’re more likely to have more clients. The less people there are around, the better, with the establishment’s ventilation also playing an important part in keeping the air fresh and virus free.

Hi I am Paige A Registered Massage Therapist for 10 years
Private clean home as I see up to a maximum of 2 guests a day.
Fresh clean sheets and towels, warm wipe down after massage
heated Massage table next to a soothing fireplace
You can be draped or un draped at your own comfort level as well as I will do the
pressure to suit your needs.

As I used to work in a spa I have the pleasure of now working from within my home
This way I can control who I see and how clean I keep the treatment room.
I look forward in helping you through these stressful times
I am Open Monday to Sunday
Now 24 hours
30 minute massage $40
60 minute massage $70
please call or text Paige
204 – 819 – 9614
Let me help you relax whether you cannot sleep or are in pain i can help.

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