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New Massage( RMT)open long weekend

Would like to introduce Lucy and Lina and Susan today! 1965 Main Street ,more information please call or text : (204)558-1733
If you really need a good massage , please make an Appointment with us .
⚠️Accept walk in , Appointment is better always.
We offer best and professional massage, If you have back pain, neck pain, body pain or any pain , or headache and pressures , we can help you. We provide a receipt (reimbursement )for insurance purpose 。You can call us to make an appointment or text to know more information. Business hours : 9am -9pm . 7days/week.
call: (204)615-6600
Text: (204)558-1733
We are available and we are healthy and no travel history.
⚠️We will offer free masks.

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