Mobile In-home intuitive massage

My name is Derek and I’m wanting to create this post in lieu of seeing if there is any interest of those who would be interested of in home massage services. If money is tight as I know it can be during these difficult times I would be open to doing partial services for goods such as fresh fruit vegetables, plant-based dishes such as casserole or stew, books, or whatever maybe discussed. I’m not really looking to do this for the benefit of money as much as I am looking to do it for the benefit of bringing relaxation and peace of mind and ease of body to others as well as gaining the hands-on experience. I work a full-time job as it is so I would be limited to evenings and weekends only. I have my own professional heated massage table and would be complying to all covered regulations that are necessary. I would also need to know of any previous injuries, skin sensitivities, and allergies so that I know to use certain which certain oils as well essential oils.
If interested please let me know, massage is more of a passion of mine. I have provided massage sessions for mostly my female friends, family members, as well a couple of my male friends. I do ask to receive respect courtesy and a decency just as I would provide the same so please no advances of a sexual nature as it will not be tolerated.
Message me on ad first and then I Will provide number if need be.
Thank you and take care

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