May day May day. EK Massage therapy. Fair rates

I re entered the industry of massage therapy in Winnipeg after taking a break to raise my daughter. I work out of my home to manage life easier, and keep rates more affordable for you, the client With 5 solid years of prior experience. No fluff McGruff here. I tend to be more on the heavy side. I have been working on motocross racers, body builders, trades guys, and cubicle hermits. And of course I can provide a good therapeutic relaxation flush. I am just not a “lazy” therapist. I’ve been called a healer. Do not judge by my size! (Professional service only, nothing more… do NOT ask for more, you will be blocked). Receipts can be available. DRAPING IS REQUIRED Book in advance please! Dates are listed below for relaxation, or deep tissue. 30min➡$40 60min➡$60 90min➡$100 Between 9am and 9pm April ~ ,27,28,30 MAY~ 2,5,6,8,10,12,14,16,19,21,23,26,27,29,31 (Please note,days NOT listed above, you may book between 6pm – 10pm, due to the lack of hours I can operate all day with my child home) Again, message to book in advance please, we all have lives. I do however do my best to accommodate short notice bookings. If you also care to get to know me (I recommend that), and some details that might affect your choice to book with me, please read my long, slightly sarcastic, annoying blog about this industry⤵. Thank you.

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