MASSAGE improved posture,faster healing and lower BLOOD PRESSURE

MASSAGE improved posture,faster healing and lower BLOOD PRESSURE

Massage provide spiritual and emotional benefits, including the relief of fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions. MASSAGE improved posture, faster healing, slower heart rate and lower blood pressure. Massage reduces the levels of cortisol, reducing the physiological effects of stress, enhancing wound healing, and increasing immunity to viruses. Something as relaxing as a massage can in fact help to improve alertness of the mind because it releases endorphins. They in turn help you focus your mind. Let us restore your energy while relieving your stress and tension. Book an appointment with us today and treat yourself you deserve it!

You’re worth taking care of by one of our experienced, skilled, heart-felt therapists, Elisabeth, Sylvie and Sandra.

We offer different types of massages. Choose one of the massage below. Brazilian, Hawaiian, Relaxation, Hot Stone, Swedish, Deep Tissue and African.

Our massages are full 60-minute massages, The time you pay for is the time you get. NO SHORTCUTS. If you pay for a 60-minute massage session, you get the full 60 minutes. Guaranteed!

Book with Sylvie. Text 204 430 7431. Available from 7 am until 7 pm.

To book with Elisabeth, call the spa. 204 237 7599. To book with Sandra, call the spa. 204 237 7599.

For more details about our massages, please refer to our website at: Also check out our customer reviews.

Special discounted price today with Sylvie and Sandra.

♨Swedish and Relaxation special price:

✔Today is $39/30 min. ✔Today is $59/60 min. ✔Today is $79/90 min.

♨ Deep Tissue discounted price:

♨Today is $79/ 60 min. ♨Today is $100/90 min. Deep tissue requires more pressure to penetrate the deep layers of muscle and soft tissue in the first session and may requires a second visit.

♨Brazilian and Hawaiian discounted price: ⭕Today is $75/60 min✔ ⭕Today is $95/90 min✔

Elisabeth price: (Full price) ⚪30 min regular price is $50✔ ⚪60 min regular price is $95✔ ⚪90min regular price is $145✔

Spa hours: Monday- Saturday 9am – 5pm. Sundays by appointment only. NO SHOW OR NO CANCELLATION WILL BE BILLED .

⚫⚪⭕⚬⚪Important Note✔✔ ✔✔✔Elisabeth, Sandra and Sylvie are respectful and talented massage therapists. They have experience in different types of massages offered to men and women of all ages (except infants) regardless of your ethnicity. Our massage services are actual massages. No…Erotic… No…Extra… We take our time to describe the various types of massage we offer, so you understand the techniques used.

Elisabeth salon and Spa 621 portage Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba 204 237 7599

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