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Escape Unwind Relax Warm Oil Massage 1 hour $49 Open Daily

Massage is perfect for any occasion.
Close your eyes and count to Zen.
A blend of relaxation and therapeutic Massage.
Hi I am Paige a female RMT with 14 years background in many types of Massage which include:
Deep Tissue
Pre Natal
Hot Stones
Trigger Point Therapy as well as cupping.
I offer customized massage therapy treatments to fit the needs of our clientele. This means you are welcome to be draped or un draped, choose aroma therapy scent that you love or have no scent in the room, as well as the choice to have heat on or off Massage table.
My goal is to not only pamper you but to make you feel more relaxed and more yourself when you walk out. Right now we are all on high stress and can really benefit from a mini vacation.
RMT do not directly bill but can definitely issue receipt at additional cost.
Open Monday – Sunday
I can book between the hours of 10 am right up until 4 am as I realize many people do work nights as well as maybe your in pain or just cant relax or sleep
I am here for you during these trying times
Feel free to give Paige call or a text today
204 – 818 – 9258

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