Esalen Massage – Registered Massage Thera;p

Esalen Massage – Registered Massage Thera;p

Vitality Massage Therapy Clinic – Registered Massage Therapy Services

$10 off the regular price on the first visit when mentioning this ad (regular price $65 plus gst)

Specializing in:

Esalen Massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Rolf Structural Integration

Direct billing available for Manitoba Blue Cross and Great West Life

Payment by cash only

Location: 399 Pembina Hwy – 2nd floor

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Telephone: 204-415-6347

Lincoln Lau, Registered Massage Therapist

Esalen massage is a gentle, soothing massage capable of inducing deep relaxation in the recipient. Using long, graceful strokes to heighten the client’s awareness of bodily experiences, the practitioner gives attention to the entire body in this approach.

Hawaiian massage uses long flowing strokes applied with the hands and forearms to the whole body to impart waves of energy throughout the body. These waves soothe tired muscles and can release cellular memories and blocked emotions stored as chronic muscular tension. The recipient and therapist can work together to let go of unwanted thought patterns and make way for new levels of motivation, well being and direction.

The best thing about Thai Yoga massage is that, like yoga you get flexibility, inner organ massage, oxygenation of the blood and quieting of the mind. Through deep muscle stretching, joint release and emphasis on the breath, Thai Yoga massage offers many of the same benefits as yoga. It’s amazing how much more we are able to move when another person is providing assistance and encouraging us to relax. It is an interactive form of bodywork, quite unlike any other Western or Eastern forms. While it does include work by the therapist kneading muscles, what makes it particularly helpful is its unique stretching. You remain passive while the therapist does the movements to you.

Rolf Structural Integration is a method of deep manipulation of the connective tissues of the body. The intention is to create a system of postural restructuring and movement re-patterning in order to promote ease and balance in posture, with a corresponding effect on the mind. Due to physical and emotional trauma, repetitive movements, and habits of standing, sitting and moving, our bodies develop dysfunctional and characteristic patterns of strain. Over time, with repetition, these patterns can worsen, leading to further limitations in movement and in living. This dynamic is among the root causes of pain, discomfort and other types of dysfunction including emotional and behavioral issues.

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