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De stress today 60 min Massage $49 Female RMT

The massage experience is one of relaxation and I want you to enjoy it to its fullest.
Let yourself go completely

Stretch and close your eyes. Confident, gentle, and professional, I will work hard to untangle knots and relax your muscles one by one, until your body is in a state of total wellness.

During your massage

To draw the maximum benefit from your massage, I recommend you speak with your massage therapist throughout. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, identify your pain, express your specific needs, and ask them to adjust the pressure they are applying. By regularly expressing your needs, your expectations will be better understood by the professional for your satisfaction.

rmt can give receipt for insurance
please KNOW that due to covid i have closed my clinic and now work from home
giving you a quiet clean and safe place to unwind in
call or text Paige today
204 – 818 – 9258

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