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Come once for the experience. Return for the results. Massage

What To Expect At Your First Treatment
We ask that you arrive at your appointment ten minutes prior to your scheduled treatment, to allow enough time for you to settle in and maybe ask any questions that you may have at that time.
Your therapist will bring you into a treatment room, where they may ask you a few questions regarding any health or pain that you may have and ask what your goals are for the treatment you will be receiving.
Your therapist may perform a brief assessment which may include range of motion, or specific muscle/joint tests to try to identify the root of any pain or issues you may have.

Once you and the therapist have agreed upon the goals of your massage, the therapist will leave the room, this will allow you to undress to your comfortable level and get onto the massage table in the position your therapist has instructed for treatment. (ie. Lay face down, under the sheet, with your face in the face cradle. etc) Your therapist will always knock before re-entering the treatment room.

When your treatment time is finished, your therapist will again leave the room so that you may get dressed. Depending on your treatment goals and what the therapist feels during the treatment, they may recommend a few simple stretches or exercises that may be beneficial for you to do at home until your next treatment.
Insurance Receipts made available upon your request.
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
Open daily 10;00 am – 11;00 pm
Feel free to give us a call today
204 -400 -1629 Monica RMT

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