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Cloud 9 Massage Rmt By Amanda Open 24 hours rELAX ANYTIME

My name is Amanda shok and I’d like to share with you my journey of healing, spiritualism and a passion for helping others which led to the opening of my professional massage therapy service, Pamper You Massage, based in Winnipeg Manitoba.

“When crossing bridges of limitations, one may see both sides at the same time.”

My journey began from the moment that I was born into an extraordinary family. The daughter of a very gifted healer, both my mother and my father
I witnessed first-hand the healing power of touch. .
After beginning my career in hairdressing and make up artistry, I soon discovered that, as much as I enjoyed making people look their best, I also wanted to make them feel just as good inside. During this part of my career, many of my clients claimed that I had healing hands and said that they felt lighter and more relaxes after receiving my hair and make-up services and so, following in my father’s footsteps, I returned to education to learn the art of healing therapies. Each massage is customised according to the client’s individual needs
​as well as the therapist own talents.

​Relaxing Massage
Who is a relaxing massage for ?
This type of massage is for everyone all types of ages from babies to the elderly, who wants to feel more relaxed within themselves which will help you physically, mentally and an emotionally. Receiving a regular massage is a great way of looking after yourself, Our bodies are precious temples we need to protect them from stress, pollution, chemicals, electric magnetic fields, other humans and ourselves. They say a 1 hour massage is like 7 beauty hours sleep which says it all there are many healing properties and health benefits from a massage.
Fighting Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Easing Surgical Effects Post surgical rehabilitation
Improving Mood
Headache Relief
Lowering Blood Pressure
Increasing Flexibility
​ Back Pain
due t o covid my client doors remain closed this way i can see up to limityed clients and screen for all safety. Clean quiet very private home
open monday to sunday
11 am – 3 am
call or text Amanda today
I look forward in helping you through these difficult and stressful times.
204 – 813 – 3237

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