Beyond Massage Therapy – RMTs Available

Our work in massage is known in India as a massage beyond the mind and senses. Although all human organisms contain the all important life giving organs in the body, conventional massage therapy completely overlooks this essential fact of human physiology. In massage therapy in Manitoba it is forbidden to even consider approaching a client with an intent to stimulate the body sexually. This makes no sense. Human beings are sexual by nature and to coincide with that truth, we are genetically made of water primarily, which in Tantra is the sacred and powerful element of the second chakra (the reproductive system). We address the sexual energy of the body in an honest, skillful and holistic manner and our massage practice is a spiritual experience, even more than a physical massage. We have paid a ridiculous amount of money for our training, and we love to share it! Your therapist has a rare skill and will balance your entire nervous system by tapping into the sexual power of the universe to stimulate healing through ecstatic bouts of pleasure in your body/mind. Although we welcome all inquiries, our objectives are one hundred percent therapeutic. This means that treatments at Karma Yoga Winnipeg are not sexual by nature. We believe that this truth is justification enough for our therapists and clients to share a spiritual encounter that is confidential, consensual and exploratory. Contact us for more info, and be sure to state wether you’d like to see a female therapist or a male therapist. Much love to you, Jitendradas

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